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Tea Sachet - 30 pcs

  • Gift this elegant box with a fanciful representation of a Victorian tea set and a meticulously curated collection of teabags, ranging from the therapeutically aromatic Chamomile, Lemongrass and Kashmiri Kahwa to the rejuvenatingly flavorful, Spearmint and the Spiced Royal Masala. With its fine selection of teabags that boast of a number of benefits for one's health and well being, this box is a spa in itself and hence the perfect gift to commemorate an occasion that fills you with joy and peace.

    • Kashmiri Kahwa - 10 pcs
    • Royal Masala - 5 pcs
    • Chamomile - 5 pcs
    • Spearmint - 5 pcs
    • Lemongrass - 5 pcs
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