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Hamper 4

  • Small Sized Oval Hamper

    Assorted stuffed dates in a gift box: Roasted Almond flakes | Chocolate dipped | Pistachio | Walnut

    Assorted chocolates in a gift box: Oreo | Milk | Hazel Nut | Rasberry

    Assorted croquants in a wooden rectangular box: Noir Croquant Disque | Lait Croquant Disque | Vanilla Blanc Croquant Disque | Roche Baton | Mixed Berry Croquant

    Chocolate coated hazel nut in an embossed golden round tin

    Darjeeling Tea in an embossed round tin packaged in a wooden outer box

    Maripan laddos in a petite gift box: Chococlate | Apricot | Butterscotch | Kiwi

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